All green

Another small gallery. These feature drops – in and out of focus – and blades of grass:

The idea was to combine the specular highlights, grass lines, and a sharp drop.


All blue

A small gallery of blue flowers:

Click an image to view it in a larger size.

Green Lacewing

A green lacewing that I found in a field of foxtails:

Though they look delicate, lacewings are predators. The larvae eat aphids, and this adult was foraging for tiny insects – it found one as I watched.

Drop curve

A curving line of drops on a columbine leaf:

You can see trees and the sun reflected in the drop surface. Taken in soft late afternoon light.

Petal surface II

Another view of a flower from a recent post, at a different angle, one that shows what those bright dots are:

Spotted cucumber beetle

After a bunch of abstracts of flowers, back to something more familiar:

The spotted cucumber beetle is on tansy, a composite flower like a daisy that has no rays (petals). Makes a nice yellow setting for the bug.

Petal surface

The petal of  a garden flower at high magnification:

The bright circles and the receding highlights aren’t drops of water, but tiny dots of nectar on the petal surface. I just got a notice from WordPress – this is my 500th post (!).

California thistle

Another thistle abstract, taken on a recent visit to California:

Somewhat different than the other thistle flower a couple of posts back…


An abstract of a green thistle bud:

Floral abstract

Another extreme closeup of a flower:

The flowing pattern on the left is a wet petal.