A fairly ordinary flower that is really interesting when you get a high magnification look:


The flower is about half an inch across. You’re seeing the anthers and stamens at the flower center. The lines of bead-like stuff are single plant cells

Drops on a petal

I took this in a drizzle using a high magnification lens. The view of the petal kept changing as drops slid off and new ones fell:


Spring flower

A pretty blue spring wildflower:


Maybe in the waterleaf family, a Phacelia? Wish I’d taken a picture of the foliage.

Macaw feathers

A closeup of the wing of a cooperative macaw, encountered at farm in Costa Rica:

_MG_0075parrot feathers2

Masked frog

Another image from the trip to Costa Rica:


Green-crowned brilliant

A hummingbird at a red passionflower, from the upland rainforest in the Mt Arenal area:


There were dozens of hummingbirds in this spot – around six species, with this species the most common.

Rainforest stream

A stream in the upland rainforest in Costa Rica:


From one of the places we visit on the Costa Rica workshop I’ve co-lead the last two years. It’s a great place for hummingbirds, orchids, insects of all kinds – on my last trip I found a trail with beautiful stream views. Gloriously messy, it’s not a tidy landscape.

Mexican parrot snake

A closeup of a snake from Costa Rica:


Red-eyed tree frog

Is there a more photogenic frog than a red-eyed tree frog? Hard to imagine, but if there is I’d love to see it. This image is from my workshop trip to Costa Rica:


It’s perched on a heliconia flower.

Catarata del Toro

A view of the waterfall from the top of the Toro River ravine in Costa Rica:



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