The full botanical name of this flower is Calliandra haematocephala, the common name is pink puffball. It reminds me of Australian bottlebrush flowers, but it’s from elsewhere in the Pacific – I found it in a greenhouse:


Trees: five views

Views of trees in the landscape and close up:



Tulip tree leaves

Fallen tulip tree leaves at Arnold Arboretum:



A patch of stream ice with contrasting dark and light sections:


I often convert ice images to black and white, but this one wasn’t converted – I guess white point on my camera was right for a neutral look.


A closeup of the center of a bougainvillea flower:


Greenhouse buds

Water-drenched buds at a local greenhouse:


Crystalline drop

A frozen drop on a mullein leaf with crystals on the surface:


Stream ice patterns

A combination of patterns in stream ice:


Twelve from 2016

A selection of images from 2016 – hope you enjoy them. Happy New Year, and thanks to everyone who stops in to view, like, or comment.


Frozen rain drops

Here are five views of frozen rain drops on leaves – three on mullein leaves, and two on oak leaves:

The surfaces of frozen drops can have interesting patterns – see Mullein drop III. In past years, I’ve seen ice crystals grow on drops, not this time, unfortunately. I don’t know what flattened the last oak drop – I like the look of it, though.