Evening Lychnis

The calyx of a spent flower, covered in raindrops:


Raindrops on a web

A closeup of raindrops on a spider web. This was a sheet web, not an orderly, symmetrical orb-weaver’s web:


Aster dew

A fall flower I return to again and again:


Evening glory

A morning glory in the evening, as it started to fold up:


It’s the wildflower bindweed, not the garden variety.

Rabbit’s foot clover

I’ve seen this flower before, but I didn’t know the name until recently. Rabbit’s foot clover is a fuzzy flower less than a half inch long:


A few foxtails

Over the years I’ve taken quite a few images of foxtails – the spiky seeds at the end of a grass stem. Here’s a selection closeups, abstracts, and groups of foxtails. Click a thumbnail to view images in a larger size:

These grasses are foxtails by a loose definition. There’s a group of grasses with barbed spikes called foxtails, but none of these were barbed.

Daisy center

The center of an oxeye daisy at high magnification:


To the naked eye, the center of a fresh daisy looks relatively flat, with symmetrical patterns. When you get close – this is approximately 3x magnification – you see that there are contours, a bit of up and down. and the patterns look a bit less regular.

Moth and goldenrod

A tiny moth that perched nicely for me in a fresh bloom of goldenrod:


Geranium center

A selective focus view of a garden geranium at high magnification:


The flower is a hybrid of the wildflower Geranium maculatum, not the familiar red potted plant also known as a geranium. That dark stamen in the center has a unusual look to it.