Willow anthers

An extreme closeup of the anthers of a flowering willow catkin:

I went out searching for some spring color, this catkin was a happy discovery. These yellow anthers are almost as pretty as the Rosegold willow – I don’t know which willow species this is.

Birch patterns

When a piece of birch bark peels off, you see patterns such as these:


This time I used the directional light to emphasize the shadows and textures on the bark surface instead of reaching for the diffuser like I usually do…

Melting ice

A closeup of the lacy patterns in melting snow:

Leaf under ice

A beech leaf under a thin layer of ice speckled with bright frozen bubbles:

Warm tones to contrast with the blue ice in the last post…


I often convert ice images to black and white, but not this one. Such a range of blue tones in this stream ice:

Winter scene

A closeup landscape of stems surrounded by snow:

White periwinkle

A flower from a visit to a greenhouse:

Sea oats and snow

A recent snowfall created a simple setting for these grasses:



The full botanical name of this flower is Calliandra haematocephala, the common name is pink puffball. It reminds me of Australian bottlebrush flowers, but it’s from elsewhere in the Pacific – I found it in a greenhouse:


Trees: five views

Views of trees in the landscape and close up: