Crystalline drop

A frozen drop on a mullein leaf with crystals on the surface:


Stream ice patterns

A combination of patterns in stream ice:


Twelve from 2016

A selection of images from 2016 – hope you enjoy them. Happy New Year, and thanks to everyone who stops in to view, like, or comment.


Frozen rain drops

Here are five views of frozen rain drops on leaves – three on mullein leaves, and two on oak leaves:

The surfaces of frozen drops can have interesting patterns – see Mullein drop III. In past years, I’ve seen ice crystals grow on drops, not this time, unfortunately. I don’t know what flattened the last oak drop – I like the look of it, though.

Ice abstraction

From the same chilly morning as the last post, geometrical patterns on the frozen surface of a stream:


Happy holidays!

Black ice

A beech leaf frozen in dark stream ice:


Ginkgo drops

Drops on a yellow ginkgo leaf:


Spirit Falls

The site for Spirit Falls is a steep hillside; water from a pond pours down the hill. It’s not one fall, but a whole series of cascades. This is one of the smaller ones:


The Linden path

The Linden path is an area at Arnold Arboretum (Boston) planted entirely with Linden trees. Here’s a view of the trees overhead at sunset with a fisheye lens:


Leaf frost

Fall and early winter have been unusually mild – very few frosty mornings. Here’s a section of a frosty leaf: