I think it’s a calendula – a wildflower I found blooming profusely in a vineyard in Sonoma County, California:


And now that I’m back in New England, we’ve had a pile of snow – winter at last, after weeks of mild weather.

Pasture oak

An oak tree at the top of a hill in a pasture, from a recent trip to California:


Winter in California is the green season in the coastal hills, though the tree is bare – makes an interesting contrast.

Goldenrod and ice

A closeup of last summer’s goldenrod (I think) and a bit of attached ice from melted and refrozen snow:


Taken at about 2x magnification – the stem is perhaps an inch long, each dried floret is very small.

Water surface

The rippling surface of a stream at dusk, with a single floating bubble from an upstream cascade:


You can’t see it well at this size, but the bubble has a reflection of the forest trees over the stream.

Twelve from 2015

Here’s a collection of images from this year – hope your enjoy them. Best wishes for the new year!

I limited myself to images I posted here on the blog. Some were prints that have been selling well, some I liked for the composition or some other quality. Thanks for visiting and commenting!

Maple seeds

Since there hasn’t been any frost, I’ve been exploring closeups of seeds, such as these maple seeds:


Frost crystals

The dark leaf made a striking background for the bright, mainly cubic frost crystals:


This was on one of the few frosty mornings we’ve had so far, and I almost missed it. I went out in mid-morning, and went deep into the woods to a moist and shady spot where there was still some frost left.



A somber early winter view of Queen Anne’s Lace:


In an earlier post, I mentioned that the brown, black, and white season was coming – it’s here. No white (snow) yet, and only a little frost. November was record-setting for warmth in the Northeast US, December seems like early fall, not winter.

Petal drops

Another image from the series of drop images I did this year:


A spiderwort petal with dew, at around 3x magnification.

Maple leaf colors

Fall leaf colors can be wildly vivid. This leaf was in shade at the edge of the woods, with a bit of reflected blue sky that came through theĀ  leaves.


No added saturation – I reduced the exposure a bit to keep the reds from oversaturating.


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