Floral abstract

Another extreme closeup of a flower:

The flowing pattern on the left is a wet petal.


Another high magnification closeup of a flower:


A closeup of spotted knapweed:

An alien wildflower that’s considered invasive in some parts of the US.

Baltimore Checkerspot

A favorite butterfly that flies around the Fourth of July in my area. You don’t see them everywhere – they are local to specific areas, so you have to know where to look:


A dandelion puff in the rain, with a buttercup in the background:

Gray Hairstreak

A little, fast-moving butterfly from my area:

Forest racer

A snake from Costa Rica:

Sorry if they scare you – this one was quite slow-moving, and not venomous. “Forest racer” is an approximate identification…


A garden flower:


A flower that isn’t an extreme closeup for a change…


The center of a common buttercup:

Geranium petal

An extreme closeup of a geranium petal:

It’s a hybrid of the wild geranium, Geranium maculatum. Just indulging myself in the wild colors of this flower…