Maple leaf colors

Fall leaf colors can be wildly vivid. This leaf was in shade at the edge of the woods, with a bit of reflected blue sky that came through the  leaves.


No added saturation – I reduced the exposure a bit to keep the reds from oversaturating.

Acorn cap

A bit of rainwater in an acorn cap:


Happy Thanksgiving!

Beech leaf

A fall leaf abstract – an array of diagonal lines and colors:


In the beech forest

To break with my familiar photographic view of the world, I recently invested in a 15mm fisheye lens and took a walk in a favorite woods, a American Beech forest. Here’s a small gallery of the woods in the fall, three fisheye views and two closeups. Click on an image in the mosaic to see it larger.

Fall aster

New England Asters finished blooming a few weeks back, a burst of color as the leaves started to turn. I usually prefer soft light for flowers, but for this view I used full late afternoon sun.

This is the pinkish version of the flower, they are often purple:


Taken at pretty high magnification with a wide aperture – and I reduced the saturation.

Fresh chicory

Recently I posted a closeup of the curling anthers at the center of this flower.  Here’s another view of a fresher flower of a different hue, with straight anthers and a few speckles of pollen:



For my 400th post, I thought I’d put together a selection posted images from the last few years. I’ve picked images in the areas that I care about the most:  abstract closeups, wildlife, forms of water,  trees, and the landscape.

Hope you like them. And thanks for stopping by, “liking”, and commenting on my images over the years.


Milkweed seed

A favorite fall subject:


I’m fond of soft and diffuse light, but the late afternoon light picked out one seed in an attractive way.


Another monochrome flower closeup:


Milkweed leaf

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know I love milkweed. One sunny afternoon, this milkweed leaf was backlit in the late afternoon sun:




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