A large, frozen drop hanging from a branch in the woods after a recent icy rain:


Ice Crystal

A single ice crystal, found on snow beside a stream:

These fern-like crystals are the hardest to find – they only appear after a really cold night, when the temperatures are near zero.

Twelve from 2017

Here’s a selection of images from 2017:

I did a quick selection, based on memory and a review of posts in 2017. In past years, I’ve limited the list to photographs I’ve posted, but this time I added three you haven’t seen: a panoramic image of Toro ravine, a vertical image of an eyelash viper, and an image I took this morning of crystals on a twig frozen in a stream.


Ice crystals that clustered around pine needles on a stream surface:

You only see crystals like this when it’s really cold – it was around 4° F. Brr!

Fresh snow

Newly fallen snow in a bark curl of a paperbark maple:

Drops on milkweed II

Another look at drops on milkweed fibers:

Drops on milkweed

Drops on milkweed floss:



Milkweed floss

Milkweed floss is the hairlike fiber attached to milkweed seeds – here’s an abstract of the flowing fibers:

Crystalline edge

Frost crystals on a leaf edge:

Garden pink

An extreme closeup of a pink garden flower from this summer: