The Linden path

The Linden path is an area at Arnold Arboretum (Boston) planted entirely with Linden trees. Here’s a view of the trees overhead at sunset with a fisheye lens:


Leaf frost

Fall and early winter have been unusually mild – very few frosty mornings. Here’s a section of a frosty leaf:


Leaf edge

A fall ginkgo leaf, with another ginkgo leaf for the background color:_mg_3848-ginkgo

Another monochrome image – I love this shade of yellow.

Fallen leaves

Leaves are beautiful and diverse, and in my area, they are never more colorful than they are now. Here a a few piles of fallen leaves, two new images, and one old one:

Lantana and aphids

A single lantana flower, with two aphids:


With the naked eye, the aphids were just bright green specks. Taken at about 5x magnification.

Grass curl

A faded grass blade with a curl at the end:


I don’t know what grass species it is, but most of the blades had pale wispy ends – this curl caught my eye. The sun went behind a cloud, giving the macro scene some blue hues. Taken with a conventional macro lens.

Evening Lychnis

The calyx of a spent flower, covered in raindrops:


Raindrops on a web

A closeup of raindrops on a spider web. This was a sheet web, not an orderly, symmetrical orb-weaver’s web:


Aster dew

A fall flower I return to again and again:


Evening glory

A morning glory in the evening, as it started to fold up:


It’s the wildflower bindweed, not the garden variety.