Fly and fern

A visit to the wildflower arboretum recently led me to trillium, bluebells, and this ugly fellow:


At first sight, it was just a interesting fly in a nice setting, but I think this is a tachnid fly. These flies are predators of moths and butterflies – the larva feed on caterpillars. One species of this fly was introduced in the northeast to control gypsy moth, but the fly isn’t specific to that gypsy moth, and has almost wiped out one beautiful moth species in my area.

3 thoughts on “Fly and fern

  1. are they common?
    can you buy them?
    I hate moths and butterflys cause they feed on fabric. they larve always eat my plants.

    please reply

    • No, I don’t think you can buy tachinid larva, and they are very common anyway. Butterfly larva don’t feed on fabric, through there are a couple of species that feed on garden plants: cabbage white larva eat cabbage and broccoli and black swallowtail eat parsley. Other caterpillars in your garden are probably moths, such as tomato hornworm, a sphinx moth larva.

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