A little butterfly

Eastern-Tailed Blue is common butterfly in the Eastern US, but it’s so tiny that it escapes the notice of most people. They flutter around in grasses, often not flying above knee level. The upper side of the wings of the male of this species is a beautiful blue – the underside is pretty as well:


How tiny are they? From eyes to tail is approximately the width of a dime. The day I found this one, they were the commonest butterfly on the wing that day: I saw more than 20 of them. Next time you are out in a field look for a fluttery blue blur at your feet.

6 thoughts on “A little butterfly

  1. Tom,
    Great to see that you have a blog! I thought that you might want to add the support web site for my book to your list of online guides to insects. The web site, http://www.songsofinsects.com, has photos and sounds of 77 species of crickets, katydids and cicadas from North America.
    I hope that it will help some folks ID their photographic subjects.
    Thanks a lot and a great blog Tom,

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