Up close

Teleconverters combined with a macro lens are a great way of getting high magnification while keeping your distance from the subject. Here’s a single stamen from a spiderwort flower:

If you use a 2x teleconverter, you get 2x magnification at the minimum focus distance. With my digital camera sensor, the capture area is about 11mm on the long side with a 2x teleconverter – pretty close. Since you still have working distance, you have more freedom to try different angles without hitting the subject. If you use a reversed lens you’ll have more magnification, but you’ll be on top of the subject. This image uses a 2x teleconverter and 25mm of extension. It’s also another complementary color image.

6 thoughts on “Up close

  1. That is one sweet image, you really nailed the colours! I haven’t tried my macro lens with a teleconverter, maybe I should give it a go. I only have a 1.4 TC but that should at least give me an indication of what can be achieved… thanks for the tip!

  2. Another sweet image Tom. Being able to use teleconverters is one of the main reasons I bought the Nikon 105 f2.8 VR Macro lens. The VR isn’t very useful in macro work, but now my 1.4 and 1.7 converters get along with it. I think I will see if I can stack them somehow now with a tube! 🙂

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