In your face: Milkweed beetle

We’re heading into peak summer season now – common milkweed is starting to flower, attended by lots of different insects including these familiar red beetles:img_6224milkweedbugs2.jpg

I took this one with a 1.4x teleconverter on a macro lens. It was great to get one of these to look right at me like this – they almost look cute!


8 thoughts on “In your face: Milkweed beetle

  1. Hey Tom. A guy I know has had a similar image to this (same bettle) in his slide program for years and I have always been on the lookout to shoot something similar. Your image reminded me that it should be possible! I think a lot of people just look at images of insects as ‘bug pictures.’ But with a shot like this, it is much easier for someone to make a connection with a photograph. Well done.

  2. I really like this picture, it is very detailed and very well taken. It is sort of humourous to see that the beetle is actually looking right at you looks like. I really like it. I could never take good macro bug pictures at all. I am OK with plants and that sort. But, other than that I’m pretty amatuer still myself. Check out my photography at my site, I bookmarked your site! Excited to see more.

  3. Tom, this is a remarkable macro! This little guy looks thrilled with his notoriety.
    I never thought I’d call a beetle “cute,” but the composition makes him cute. He reminds me of a little kid I saw hanging over a restaurant booth recently. You’ve outdone yourself with this one!

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