Green Darner

Green darners (Anax junius) are a common dragonfly, but a difficult subject for photography because they are always on the move. Once a year or so I see one land. My luck has been that I find them pretty scrubby settings that don’t make a good image. This one was no exception, perched on the ground in mixed brown and green grasses. I had the added problem of harsh morning light from a clear sky.


This dragonfly was newly emerged and willing to sit still. I got a quick record shot, and then I was amazed to see the dragonfly sit still as I shaded it with a diffuser. Going in close with a tripod-mounted macro lens at a pretty wide aperture (F6.3 here)  and the diffuser to soften the light, the background isn’t that intrusive. An exciting moment to get this close a look at one of these cruisers!

4 thoughts on “Green Darner

  1. That’s a great picture. You’re very lucky to have a dragonfly sit still for that long; they’re super hard to get a good shot of… especially one with that great of detail. Awesome colors on the dragonfly as well. good job.

  2. It’s a beautiful shot. I like how one can see the detail in the wings. And to see the multicoloured nature of the ‘fly is something one normally doesn’t think about. So this shot is a learning experience for me, too.

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