Dogbane beetles

I don’t think I’ve noticed these beautiful iridescent beetles until this year. I found this pair on a dogbane plant. When I looked the insect up in a field guide, the common name is Dogbane Beetle.


Something of a photographic challenge, these bright beetles need soft overcast light. I had that here, and even then it’s hard to balance shadow detail and the highlights in a single exposure.

7 thoughts on “Dogbane beetles

  1. You’ve captured the wonderful iridescence of the beetles so well, and the colour that gets produced when the light hits it just right. Well done!

    • Hi Alyssa – They eat dogbane, perhaps other stuff as well. I think they spend their whole lifecycle on or near dogbane plants. I read the larvae live underground and feed on dogbane roots (IIRC). I find the adults on dogbane leaves or near dogbane plants – look for dogbane in mid to late summer to find them.

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