Web abstract

Freeman Patterson, the author of Photography and the Art of Seeing, opened my eyes to this sort of photograph. His images of webs are more free than this one – I had in mind a strict design:


The literal way to photograph a web is to step back and get as parallel as possible and get the whole orb pattern. But when you get close, shoot at an angle, and open up the aperture of you lens, you see all sorts of new things. I did a black and white version of this first, but I’ve grown to like the faint prismatic colors. Something other than a bug or a flower is good for a change!

3 thoughts on “Web abstract

  1. I’ve seen several “web” photos recently but this is one is far and away one of my favorites. I am a sucker for a great macro shot and that’s exactly what you have here. Love that you converted it to black and white – it just show it off even more.

  2. Freeman is truly an inspiration – I really like his writing and images. This turned out very well I think. I was trying to accomplish some more abstract dew covered web shots recently, but fell back on my old standard way. I guess I just wasnt ‘seeing clearly.’

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