Morning light

Sometimes you have to make do with the light you have. The light was bright and harsh when I found this morning glory, but it made the flower light up inside:


The photographic problem with an image like this is exposure. If there isn’t much of a difference between the bright flower and the darker background, the camera gives an attractive exposure with little compensation. For this image, I picked a background area that was as bright and as evenly lit as I could while maintaining the angle on the flower I wanted. It’s still pretty dark, but that emphasizes the lit area near the flower sepals.

The back sides of flowers have such beautiful curves and lines. Welcome colors, too as the fields and meadows in my area are browning out after a drought and with fall coming on.

6 thoughts on “Morning light

  1. Stunning shot Tom. I did something similar with a trillium this year and look for this type of glow when I am out now. I love how the flower seems to glow from within. Very nice composition here.

  2. Absolutely beautiful. Not only this one but almost all your pics are stunning. I am very impressed. I will return here often to learn for you and be inspired.

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