Exploring webs

I’ve been looking at and photographing webs again. Fall gets beautiful dews in the morning. Webs that are otherwise invisible show up all over the place – hundreds of them sometimes. I found two in one brown faded aster and tried a few different images, first web with the spider (it scurried out of the way as I shot this, you can see legs in motion). Click the thumbnail for a larger image:


Then closer to show just drops and the pattern, first at around 1x magnification:


And then closer still with a 2x teleconverter:


Then at around full 2x magnification, I looked at the other web at an angle, picking out a range of droplets, with most of the lattice of the web out of focus:


It’s the last sort of look that gets my imagination going – the space the web takes up is implied. Like the angled shot I posted earlier this year, this sort of image gets the viewer more involved. It can be a bit disorienting as well – which side is closer, and which side is receding?

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