I think of late fall and winter as the brown seasons. The green and multicolored natural world of spring and summer goes monochrome – black, white, and browns all average to a soft light brown. Instead of flowers, I look for seeds in fall and winter. Foxtails have beautiful, graceful curves and make repetitive patterns that are photogenic.

It’s not late fall yet, but the field of foxtails I visited for this image has the look of that part of the year. It was late afternoon, I was looking at the grasses from different angles to the sun, backlit and sidelit. The surprise was the bright brown tone the out of focus background grasses made. These foxtails were upright, most of the others made arches over the ground:


9 thoughts on “Foxtails

  1. Wonderful photo of my very favorite subject. I have a slide show of seed heads on my blog and I love going through them, amazed at the perfection of nature. But my shots are quite ordinary whereas this shot is art.

  2. Tom, foxtail is one of the most graceful subjects to capture, and I think you’ve done a spectacular job here. The tone is soothing and it looks like the breeze agreed with you. It’s nice and clear–a beautiful image!

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