More milkweed…

After a lot of procrastination, I finally created a set of milkweed web pages at my web site and changed to cover image to milkweed (for a while, anyway). The new pages are in the Projects section:

Milkweed seeds and pods


Milkweed has been a subject I pick up when the growing season is over – I always seem to go back to it, and the volume of images has grown over the years. I thought that milkweed was just something that I was stuck on, but it seems that it’s a plant that catches the eye of many people, to judge by the number of keyword searches for milkweed that end up at and the number of milkweed prints I’ve sold this year.

Also did some overdue page maintenance – there were some awkward alignments only visible in Internet Explorer in the project galleries that I had to fix.


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