Beech leaf, stream ice

Last week was extremely cold in the Boston area – single digits, negative wild chills. When it gets that cold streams and brooks form beautiful ice patterns. Sometimes streams accumulate star-shaped ice crystals on the icy surface (I call them ice flowers), and there also can be tiny delicate ice crystals. I’ve seen a bit of water vapor blown by breezes above the ice surface at around 5 to 10 deg F, just enough for these pretty things to form.

At one stream, I found rippling ice patterns formed as the water was freezing, one small ice star, and a beech leaf together:


3 thoughts on “Beech leaf, stream ice

  1. What an amazing capture! I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like that. The fact that you can see the patterns of crystals in the ice and that one little star hanging on to the end of the leaf…fantastic!

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