Winter reflection

In the last few weeks I’ve spent some time observing water and ice. There’s one stream, deep in the woods, that I like to visit. The water flows steadily and there are good ice patterns there when it’s cold enough. One day I went there a couple of days after a snow. There wasn’t much ice, but the reflections of the branches in the water were beautiful. The snow was starting to melt,  and snow blew off in chunks and bits in the breeze, making waves on the surface. In moments, the surface changed from mirror-like to completely turbid and disturbed and back again. Here’s one view of many:


The reflection and the waves are in the same plane, but they appear to be at angles with one another – a little surreal.

10 thoughts on “Winter reflection

  1. Oh wow.
    Thats actually breathtaking.
    I really love the way that looks, fragmented and all.
    Very lovely.
    Keep it up ^_^

  2. I love it, too. Looking at it, I can’t quite make out where you were even standing when you did this. It’s phenomenal. Reminds me of a stained glass window…

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