My bloodroot finally came up last week. The first few flowers were the usual eight petal white type. Then this weekend another pair blossomed and they were double or triple the usual number of petals.

A welcome surprise. Lots of wildflowers are coming up now – trout lily, dutchmans’s breetches, trillum – I just have to wait for the rain to stop to get out again.

6 thoughts on “Bloodroot

  1. Beautiful photograph! I love this kind of close-up. With digitals greater depth of field, do you find it more challenging to create the soft focus here than it is with a film camera? (That is, I assume that you are using a digital camera. I have not made the transition fully though most of what I put on my blog is digital but from a compact camera. I would love to get my hands on a good quality digital SLR. Ah! One day!)

  2. What remarkable photography! Your shots are exquisite and capture not only the details of their subjects but also the spirit or personality of each one. I was surfing for information on the green metallic bee and ended up here.

    The softness of the double bloodroot is so very appealing. It looks like a land-based waterlily! Spring and early summer in the northeast are such special times.

    Well done, indeed.

    Brenda (Nova Scotia)

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