Wood poppies again

I went back to my wood poppy spot looking for a vertical image with out of focus flowers in the background. A nice cloudy day, great for flower photography:

Starflower has started to bloom in the woods – pretty soon it’ll be ladyslipper time. Just a couple of weeks ago or so I was whining about it being brown – it’s green now, beautiful things everywhere you look.

5 thoughts on “Wood poppies again

  1. We call these Icelandic poppies. They self generate quite well in my garden but I pull them out once they have flowered to make room for the next batch of flowers. They always come back the next year. They are so cheery when everything is green and you are waiting for the first sign of some summer colour.

  2. Overcast days are the best and you’ve proven that here. Poppies are great at every stage. I love them! Planted Icelandic Poppies in my garden this year and they’ve done well. Don’t last very long, though. (lookingforbeauty, in order for your poppies to come back the next year, don’t you have to let them go to seed? I didn’t think they were a true perennial.)

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