Green metallic bee

Halictid bees are a small colorful bee I see all summer, usually in circumstances that make photographing them difficult. I saw this one on a cool, cloudy spring day:

The cool day meant this bee just sat there for a few minutes instead of racing around, clouds reduced the reflective highlights from the brilliant metallic body. They’re quite small, I had to use a 2xTC with a macro lens to get this close. After a few minutes it crawled off to hide from me, and I packed up the camera gear.

18 thoughts on “Green metallic bee

  1. It’s a fantastic shot, Tom. I would have thought that it was a fly because of its colour so it’s fascinating for me. I didn’t know there were green bees! We are all so brainwashed with the yellow striped ones that we think they are the only species of bee.
    2xTC? what does that mean? Two times???

  2. Thanks for the kind words everyone!

    Cathy: Definitely a bee and definitely tiny. They are a centimeter or less from eye to tail.

    Kristin: I used camera jargon, sorry. I added a 2x teleconverter to my macro lens. That doubles the magnification.

  3. well i’ve been looking all day long for this… I found one at home. I thought it was some kind of robot or something. I talked to it. Lol. Now, mine is dead but I’m seeing some features I don’t see in yours. Weird. The 3 “eyes” on top of the head are there, that’s ok, but the last pair of legs are not quite the same.. I’m concerned about it… I’d like to know more. I’m from Venezuela… Mérida-Venezuela
    BTW, there’s some kind of brown large needle down the thorax… It’s fascinating this lil bug.

    • Thanks for commenting – I don’t have an in-depth knowledge of bee species, and no quite little about insects in your country. If you have a picture, try posting it on – ther eare many knowledgeable people there.

  4. Wonderful shot. I believe mine on Flickr is the same (Agepostemon genus). There are five or six that are very similar, but I see only one or two species in the Renton, Washington area.

  5. Thanks for posting. Great shot. I’ll research it. My niece and I saw one just now, and of course my phone didn’t have enough space for a pic. I thought we’d just witnessed some new alien species. 😌

  6. Hi Tom!
    What a beautiful shot! I’m currently writing my master’s dissertation on solitary bees and was hoping to to gain permission from you to use it this image.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

    • Hi Anna:

      I’ll willing to give you a license to use the image – you can get my email address at my website, on the contact page.
      I’ll need to know where you’re getting you degree, and some other information.

  7. I just started seeing these creatures around my house and was like these are beautiful and crazy . Glad to know what they are 🙂 thanks for the pic .

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