Green ripples

Ever since I posted the Winter reflection image I wanted to try a similar image with green water color from forest leaves. I found the right place – a branch of a forest stream after a rain – and made this image of water ripples:

Not quite a parallel image to the winter one, but a companion to it. The greens in the water were gorgeous. The ripples are from drops shaking out of the trees. After I while I noticed that there were water striders causing ripples as well, but the light wasn’t right for good images of them.

3 thoughts on “Green ripples

  1. I’ve been away from making water images this summer…this is reminding me to get back out there! The water here is absolutely gorgeous…where you found that beautiful green is beyond me but oh baby would I love to find some, too.

  2. Very beautiful and very inspiring as well. If you see someome with a camera lying flat on her belly near a puddle, it is probably me (or one of your other visitors).

  3. A knock out!!
    Really love how the lines mingle into one another and simply the overall flow, plus the light/colors are excellent in this piece.

    Sorry I have not been around much ol’ buddy.
    Have been busy, not visiting forums or blogs that much, sending one son off to college while the other one gets ready for high school, … a never ending misery! 🙂

    Will try to stop by again and keep up with you guys, ….. and to keep you all straight!

    Take care Tom,

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