Curled Up

A woolly bear (Tiger moth) caterpillar, all curled up on an oak leaf, with a few drops of melting snow:


Woolly bear caterpillars can make it through the winter even though they are frozen solid. They have an antifreeze that keeps ice crystals from forming inside and rupturing cell walls. You can read about on their survival mechanism  in Bernd Heinrich’s book Winter World.

4 thoughts on “Curled Up

  1. I love how they curl up when you touch them, a great find! ours are buried under more than 2 feet of snow now 😦 It’s amazing how nature adapts to so many harsh conditions.

    and I love all of B.Heinrich’s books, ‘Winter World’ is one of my favorites. He’s a pretty smart dude and dives right in to his subjects with so much zest. Great image and natural history both Thomas.

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