And more crystals

A mass of the feathery crystals – these were growing on a snow-covered rock by the brook:

Ice Crystals

When I took this it was 8  F – now it’s in the 30s F. Balmy by comparison, if not quite spring.

3 thoughts on “And more crystals

  1. Wow!

    What great detail!

    You really have an eye for beauty in the macro world.

    How did you get it black like that behind the subject?

    This is nice Nature Photography ART!

    I am following this with my email so please let me know how you got such great contrast.

    Sometimes I can get this an sometimes I can’t especially with flowers.

  2. A wonderful snowy forest. You are incredibly talented to take icy crystal!!! So many wonderful pictures of them on your blog Thomas. I’m starting to be jealous 😉

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