Least Skipper

An image from last year I rediscovered going through my files:


A small butterfly that you find in wet grassy places- this was a find from last June.

Outside, spring keeps coming closer. I’ve been seeing a number of early butterflies on warm days, but it remains quite cold at night, around freexing. My crocuses are about to open…

6 thoughts on “Least Skipper

  1. Excellent image, Thomas. The Skipper is beautiful. the image sharp. And I like the green on green. That background can be described with one word – perfect!

  2. I saw a small butterfly, same shape wings as what you’ve published here yesterday, April 24. I was in awe as I observed the brilliance of lighter blue (like a cornflower blue) wings on this small butterfly which skittered near the ground along a dirt and gravel road connecting a large hilltop field with the woods and pond in west newbury, ma.

    i captured it briefly, my hand gently cupped over it on the ground without touching it, to get a closer look. the underside of the wings were an unremarkable gray with pale splotches, while the upper side simply took my breath away with its vibrancy of a lighter blue than i’ve ever seen before. it’s body was quite slender. i would say it was the size of a small sulpher but i cannot find a reference to these colors anywhere. can anyone help with identification?

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