Henry’s Elfin

Elfins are tiny spring butterflies,  many of them brown. Henry’s Elfin  is one of the more attractive ones:


Henry’s is somewhat uncommon, the one seen more often is Brown Elfin. You find Brown Elfin on heathy hilltops around lowbush blueberry.  You can find Henry’s Elfin in the same areas, but I sometimes see Henry’s perched higher,  sometimes in trees. Brown Elfin usually perches pretty low on the ground or on lowbush bluberry. Elfins love to chase each other,  once one appraches another by a few feet, they take off,  it”s fun to watch. It may be a territorial behavior. They chase other butterflies, not just their own species. I’ve seen an tiny elfin try chase a big Mourning Cloak – the  Cloak didn’t seem to notice the elfin at all.

4 thoughts on “Henry’s Elfin

  1. What a awesome shot Thomas. One of yours I’ll say. The quality of the shot is awesome and this butterfly has received all its respect from the photographer

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