Wood Poppy

A wood poppy from this spring:


I took this a few minutes after the fern image in my last post.  It was a great morning – overcast light, not much wind. I’ve never captured the prickliness of wood poppies before.  This is a pretty typical threesome, they don’t all bloom at once. Either there are  buds and a bloom or blooms and a spent flower or fruit on one plant.


6 thoughts on “Wood Poppy

  1. That may be a ‘typical threesome’ but there is nothing ‘typical’ about that photo. It’s the best image of a wood poppy I’ve seen. Not only do I love the detail you’ve captured, including the prickliness, but I like the similar right-nod of the two immature flowers in juxtaposition with the left-slant of the mature blossom.

  2. Beautiful image Tom. I love the light on the poppy. The translucency is wonderful. I am wondering what Av you used for this image? Very well done!

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