Gorge above Lucifer Falls

Last week I made it back to Ithaca, NY, and visited a few waterfalls. I saw Taughannock Falls, a 130 foot vertical drop from a cliff into a wide rocky basin. The other waterfall site I made it to was Lucifer Falls, in the Upper Gorge area in Robert H Treman State Park. Enfield Creek flows through a narrow gorge 20 or 30 feet wide, making a series of cascades and waterfalls. This was a view of the gorge just upstream from Lucifer Falls:


There was a bridge across the creek that gave this view, high cliff walls above you. I love waterfalls, I can’t wait to get back up there later this summer. I’ll post an image of Lucifer Falls next.

8 thoughts on “Gorge above Lucifer Falls

  1. OH…how jealous am I? That place is gorgeous, or perhaps it is just your wonderful photography either way thanks for taking us there even its just in a lovely picture.

  2. I love waterfalls and this is such a lovely image. I assume you were using some sort of ND filter to slow the shutter speed an smooth out the water?

    • I used a polarizer – and this area was completely the shade, unlike the next post. This was a 4 second exposure, the Lucifer Falls image was 1/4 sec, both polarized at ISO 100.

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