A high magnification view of part of a dragonfly wing:


The dragonfly was a Black Saddlebags – clinging to a cedar tree on a cool fall day, it didn’t mind my getting a few inches away.

5 thoughts on “Dragonwing

  1. This is really sweet – and different than other dragonfly shots I have seen which gives it a unique charm. Nice use of shapes and contrast. What type of lens?

    • Thanks for the kind words, Tomas and Mark.

      Mark, I used the Canon MP-E 65, a 65mm macro lens that goes from 1x to 5x magnification. It’s very sharp and has nice contrast. The downside is there is very little working distance (4 inches or less), and at higher magnifications, you lose a lot of shutter speed. It gives a unique look at the world.

      This image was at around 4x magnification, more or less. Magnfication isn’t recorded in the EXIF data.

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