A leafhopper on a jewelweed leaf:


Jewelweed acculates lots of drops after a dew or rain – the leaves seem to repel water , not absorb it. I started taking pictures of a jewelweed flower and then looked left and saw this leafhopper surrounded by drops.

5 thoughts on “Leafhopper

  1. Hi Thomas,
    I remember one shot of this nice bugs you published last year and I loved it… But I think this one is even better. The composition with the droplets of water is fantastic and the sharpness of the bug wonderful. A pure beauty!

  2. What a pretty picture of one of my favorite little leaf-hoppers. I love their name of Candy Striped Leafhopper, is that not a fitting nickname for this pretty little bug?

  3. I love jewelweed but that “waxy” texture makes it a bugger to photograph with getting the shiny spots. That is one colorful bug you found there. Serendipitous find and excellent image.

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