The season in eastern Massachusetts is still in transition between fall and winter. Leaves are down for the most part, with pockets of greenery here and there. The asters are pretty much gone, but I’ve seen a few late goldenrod and evening primrose blooming. The late fall cricket chorus is over, only a few hardier bugs remain.

Last week was our first hard frost. This is a view of frost on a small blackberry leaf:

9 thoughts on “Frost

  1. Winter is getting there also here not only with the darkness, the snow has come!! Beautiful shot Thomas, and I guess I’ll try more macro shots of the snow, cause the birds are now gone!

  2. This is a fantastic shot! You’ve captured such beautiful detail in the frost and the leaf itself. I love how you can see each crystal as separate from the others. Great work!

    • Hi Jules – both the frost and the orbs images were made with the Canon MP-E65 lens. It goes from 1x to 5x magnification, pretty amazing.
      It’s a pretty hard lens to use, you need a lot of patience, but it delivers images and magnification you can’t get easily in a SLR.

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