Stream ice II

Another stream ice image before winter ends:

We got almost 10 inches of rain here last weekend – my backyard is inches deep in water, some rivers are flooding. If it had snowed, it would have been around 8 feet deep.

7 thoughts on “Stream ice II

  1. oooooo …. you got some nice conditions this year. I ended up with very few ice patterns, the weather seemed very uncooperative for me this year. Nice work Tom.

    • Thanks everyone!

      Mark, this winter, I kept hoping for the feathery ice crystals that I love, and found ice patterns like these instead. After a while, I gave up on crystals and looked for stream ice patterns instead. One one feathery crystal morning all winter.

      The three images in this last series are from a single late afternoon. The ice was in a shallow stream, just inches deep, in a wetland. The ice was thin and fragile, and melted by the next day.

  2. ice is so interesting. This picture reminds me of the titanic and how time ripples untill its frozen..You can almost see the last raindrops before the water froze around it..I like this.

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