For a long time, I’ve loved starflowers, a small white deep woods flower. Sometimes there are isolated flowers  here and there and sometimes they carpet the forest floor, always in deep shade. Instead of a single image, here’s  a bouquet of images at different angles, 3 singles and a group. Click an image to see a larger version.

One thought on “Starflowers

  1. OMIGOSH! How ironic is this? I just came across these in my own woodland landscape today and, firstly, didn’t know what they were, and secondly, I didn’t have my tripod and extension tubes with me! I snapped a quick shot to remind myself that I need to go back with the right equipment and get some photos.

    These are all lovely! I’m actually hoping to capture them with some sort of insect to show scale because by just looking at them in photos, no one would ever guess how small they are. Such personality they have, huh? 🙂

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