Pretty long (katydid)

How can this nymph katydid stay on its feet without tipping with antennae this long?

I have some horizontal images of this bug as well, but the verticals tell the story of the relative size of bug and antenna even better. Wonder if the antenna stay the same size as the rest of the insect grow. It’s probably a nymph Common Meadow Katydid.

7 thoughts on “Pretty long (katydid)

  1. Either one tells a good story, Tom. Just my opinion, but they must grow into the antenna. Can’t imagine why they’d be so long at such an early stage. Can you picture them being any longer?

  2. Hey Tom…haven’t been around in awhile. Looks like you’ve been plenty busy!
    LOVE this little critter. I found myself cringing, as if he could hop from the screen onto my desk. Great capture.

  3. WOW. That antenna is incredible! I’m sure it took a bit of thinking to achieve such a fine composition. Well worth the effort! I really like the simplicity of the background. It is ALL about that antenna!

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