Hoverfly and spiderwort

A tiny hoverfly (syrphid fly) on a spiderwort flower:

Every year I take a look at the Tradescantia (spiderwort) in my yard and find something interesting. The last year or two, the subject has been the yellow anthers against the petal color or the feathery tendrils. This year, it’s syrphid flies – I’ve noticed them attracted to spiderwort before, but there are lots of them. I’ve had other buggy visitors to spiderwort as well. This was done at around 2x or 3x magnification. If you know the flower, you may remember how tiny the anthers are.

4 thoughts on “Hoverfly and spiderwort

  1. Very nice Tom. I do the same with our Spiderworts. MB hates them as they overwhelm the other flowers in the garden. Fortunately for me…and the spiderworts, the least bit of root left behind yields another crop. Very tiny anthers and very small Hoverflies. Good use of the MP-E 65.

  2. Your level of detail is always astounding, Tom. I’ve never noticed my spiderwort to be swarming with any kinds of flies (and even went to investigate today. They are fly free).

    Amazing color combo here as well. Stunning!

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