Edwards hairstreak

I almost missed the brief hairstreak season a month ago. Here’s one of these pretty little butterflies I saw at the end of hairstreak week:

It’s more than a week, but the peak  – when the butterflies are freshest –  is a week or so. Hairstreaks are quite small and fast.  When they land, they are constant motion, often a slow pirouette as the walk around the flower collecting nectar.

The nature note in my area of Massachusetts is drought. We had a very wet spring, followed by a glorious green start of summer. Now the green is turning to brownout in hilly grassy areas and lots of wilting vegetation. I hear people talk about how good the weather is, but I see the cost of all the sun. Places that were mowed aren’t growing back, hardy plants are failing. I wonder how it directly if affects insect populations; now is a lull in the summer butterfly season, so it’s hard to tell. I wonder how fall populations will be affected – we’ll see.


4 thoughts on “Edwards hairstreak

  1. Beautiful shot, Tom.

    I’m seeing the same drought effects here. The wet meadow I visit for orchids, butterflies, damsels and dragons is almost bone dry. Usually there’s an inch or two of standing water. Compound that with the meadow having been mowed and some of the late summer orchids won’t be there. The insect population is down as well. While the lack of mosquitoes is nothing to complain about, everything else seems to be suffering.

  2. I rarely comment on “insect” photos but I would like you to know that I have always adored butterflies photographers for their skill to capture these fragile beauties of our world. And you already mastered this area. As I am thinking about butterflies here I must say that I don’t see as much of them as in previous years. But I am no expert so my observation has no value.

  3. Wonderful details, Tom.

    Yes, I agree it is pretty dry here. My landscape is watered daily and it still isn’t enough. Butterfly sightings are way down and many of the ones I have seens have damaged wings. Rain is needed!

  4. The insect photographs are absolutely beautiful….There’s something about getting out in nature with the challenge of capturing some of the amazing beauty around us.
    Over the past year, I have found myself in the freezing cold, (I’m from Canada) braving snowfalls, and sliding over the ice in winter, then attacked by mosquitoes and black flies in summer, all in the hopes of capturing a glimpse of nature’s beauty with my camera… If you would like to view my website please go to http://marilyns-photo-shoppe.partnersaroundtheworld.com…Thank you..

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