What could be more common than a dandelion – in North America, at least. Here are four views of the flower we love to rip from our lawns. First, the full flower surrounded by high grasses, two closeups of the flower at different angles, and a closeup of the seeds:

The first image uses a 300mm lens wide open to isolate the flower. The others are at high magnification (2x or 3x) and also at wide apertures (F4 or F5.6).

2 thoughts on “Dandelions

  1. Hi Tom. Excellent work as always. As I mentioned at Naturescapes, these images give new respect to that lowly infiltrator of lawns and meadows. I have a neighbor who religiously feeds and weeds his lawn. Personally, I prefer diversity in my lawn and these unappreciated beauties are welcome along with the ajuga, various violets, bluets, cinquefoils, hawkweeds, starflowers, creeping charlie, and even a few Ragged Robins have sneaked in. Oh yeah…and the Boneset too. 🙂

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