Granite waterslide

Big waterfalls have size and drama, but in some ways the patterns and waterflows in small cascades are more interesting:

I spent a lot of time with this twisty corkscrew water course, looking at it from different angles, heights, shutter speeds (by changing the ISO), and framing. It’s about 10 feet from top to bottom.

3 thoughts on “Granite waterslide

  1. Okay, NOW here’s the Tom I love! It’s not that the other water photos weren’t ‘nice’ BUT, I’ve come to expect the unexpected from you and this one is simply stunning! Bravo! 🙂

  2. Nice. Your statement about cascades is just how I feel too, Tom. The tall falls are certainly spectacular, but the cascades have a beauty and character all their own. This one tells quite a nice story about erosion too.

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