Winter gallery

Here’s a selection of wintery images I have on exhibit locally. The theme is streams in winter – the exhibit begins and ends with brook scenes, with closeups of stream ice in between. Click an image to view a larger size and use the arrows to navigate through the series.

The exhibit won’t be up long, so I thought I’d share it here so more people can see it. Some of the images have been posted here, others haven’t.  Happy holidays!

19 thoughts on “Winter gallery

  1. Thanks, Steve. The images were posted in a large size, but the slideshow mode downsizes automatically. Now a gallery you can click through manually. The thumbnails link to a larger size.

  2. Ah, now we can really appreciate them: well done. You must have been excited to see these things through your viewfinder. Although I don’t tolerate cold well, I wish I had a few more opportunities here in central Texas to play with ice and snow (photographically speaking). The only ice phenomenon I’ve been able to document so far this season has to do with a local plant that behaves strangely:

    • Thanks for the kind words and the links. I’ve read about plants that exude ice – like frostweed – but I’ve never had the chance to observe them. Too bad that frostweed doesn’t grow in the Northeast…

  3. That’s great Tom, wish I could see the display in person, but I will settle for the web. I see we both have a passion for ice patterns! Maybe you could post some photos of the actual exhibit as well? Did you just standard frame these or use some other method of display?

    • Thanks for the kind words, Kristel. I’m waiting on cold weather as well. We had a few frosts and one snowfall (in October), but that’s it other than a few flakes on Christmas day.

    • Thanks for the kind words. I just took it down – sorry you couldn’t see it. The response was really good, so I may try to mount a similar set soon. I’ll post a note here if I find a new place to hang them up.

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  5. This is a gorgeous set of images, Tom. I particularly like the leaf on the abstract ice patterning…it has a nice dynamic to it (as do all of them)….

    Thanks for sharing! I too wish I could see them in person…


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