California poppy

The center of a fresh California poppy:

I was in Marin County for a few days, and got out to the headlands (Golden Gate National Recreation Area). It’s been dry there, and the expectations are low for wildflowers, but what I saw was lovely, if not overwhelming – nothing like the masses of flowers in Antelope Valley images I’ve seen. I was on the Wolf Ridge section of the Old Springs – Miwok trail. There were tons of people out hiking, but most people stayed on the trail and didn’t see the flora hidden in the dry grasses.

3 thoughts on “California poppy

  1. HI: I just left California and I do know the beauty of the poppies that you captures in such an explosive picture. At this time of the year if you go on the Santa Clara ridge line in the top meadows you will discover that hidden in the grass where nobody sees there are some marvelous little pansies, wild pansies, worth discovering. I now live in Idaho where the rocks are beautiful, truly great design of nature. If you send me an email address I would like to show you some of my gmail albums, there are pictures that resemble some of yours. I am not a professional photographer by a long shot but I can see beauty wherever it hides. Thanks for all the magnificent photos!

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