A bloodroot gallery

It’s white, low to the ground, one of the first wildflowers to bloom in the woods in my area, since there’s no hepatica here. It’s a flower I keep going back to. Perhaps it’s the memory of a gorgeous, densely packed bed of it I saw years ago, or the fact that it’s among the first flowers that keeps bringing me back.

Bloodroot is simple flower, but there are a number of subtle and pretty things about it. The petals are delicately lined. The stamens are yellow/orange, looks like paddles when they are fresh, and quickly disintegrate, spreading pollen across the petals. There are eight petals, but sometimes there are double or triple rows, 16 or more petals. The leaves are clasped around the stem at first. They unfold as the petals fall away.

Here are a number of views of bloodroot from the last few years, including a couple from this year.

12 thoughts on “A bloodroot gallery

    • My backyard bllodroot didn’t come up – I wonder if out funny spring was hard on bloodroot. Atleast I found one productive patch, but the flowers were smaller than usual.

      Thanks for the kind words about the 2011 one – that’s my favorite as well.

  1. I missed out on Bloodroot this year – the one time I went looking I wasn’t quite sure if I was too late or too early because of the bizarre spring we have had with temperatures.
    I don’t think I have ever seen a double or triple layer one. I’ll have to keep my eyes out for those!

    These are certainly a beautiful representation of such a great flower Tom. I really like the individuality each image has, and how it is symbolic of how many individual blooms are much the same way.

  2. Lovely photos, this flower is so beautiful ! I don’t think we have this flower here in Quebec or I would have noticed it ! You are probably in zone 5 and I am in zone 4a so we have different plants. It’s funny you said the stamens looks like paddles, I just received mine for my kayak and yes, they are pretty much alike 🙂
    I really enjoy your blog and your photography inspire me greatly each time I visit !

    • Thanks! Bloodroot is in Quebec, according to some range maps I just checked. It is small and low to the ground and the flowers only last for a few days before the petals drop, so it would be easy to overlook. I see it in the same dry woodlands habitiat as hepatica. It comes up through dry leaves in early spring.

      • Oh…Thanks ! I’ll have to watch more closely then if I don’t want to miss it !

  3. Although I was able to find a large number of Bloodroot this year, the sudden warmth and lack of rain caused them to drop their petals and the leaves never opened fully…at least when I was with them. I have a local ditch that may yield some this weekend though and we are due for a few drops on Sunday.
    This is an impresssive gallery Tom. I suppose there are a few other ways to shoot them, but I think you have the subject covered pretty completely here.

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