Eastern Forktail

A damselfly that perched right in front of me and that stayed around long enough for me to get close:

A nice opportunity to find one who’d stay still for a couple of minutes. Damselflies are usually skittish, on the move, snatching bugs out of the air and then resting while they chomp on their prey.

18 thoughts on “Eastern Forktail

  1. Kudos Tom on portraying this so uniquely. There is such a difference in aesthetic appeal when an insect shot is done with a documentary style vs. an artistic one such as this.

    • Thanks so much for writing that – going beyond the documentary is my aim. From a distance, damselflies are pretty and delicate. Up close they are feral and catlike, and take a thousand weird and wonderful positions. That’s the side of the creature I want to show…

    • Thanks, Tracy. I really like fairly shallow DOF for images like this. I was pretty lucky in getting the tripod in the right position without spooking this bug…

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