Yellow-black argiope spider

I find this spider in the summer, but most often in late summer and early fall. Sometimes I find one, other time groups of them. On this occasion, there were three of them, all covered with dew within a few feet of one another. Here’s one of the three:

Once I found them, I went back a few times. The evening of the same day, I found wrapped up prey in each web – that morning, all of the webs had been empty of prey, so perhaps the webs were newly spun. The next day, this spider had disappeared, but the other two remained for days afterwards.

Some people run and hide from spiders – hope you find this one as beautiful as I do!

5 thoughts on “Yellow-black argiope spider

    • Thanks again, Anne. For this image, I used a 180mm macro lens with a teleconverter on a tripod. Longer focal lengths give smoother backgrounds – I needed that advantage here because the web was in a thicket of bushes.

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