An abstract of a natural subject at high magnification:

Any guesses about what it is? It’s not a cactus.

26 thoughts on “Stars

      • wow! and I have looked so deeply into actual dandelions as they burst ! interesting, what else can it be ?? some other seed pod opening up to fly in the wind … ( oh let me dream, I do not even want to know… only to guess and guess and guess…).

  1. If I was to venture a guess, may be a grass or some kind of ground cover plant. I’ve seen individual blades of grass overlap and produce a star type effect.

  2. If its not a seed head, some where in the distant past I’m sure I’ve seen something like this in ice on a garden pond

  3. Thanks for playing, everyone! It certainly looks like seed filaments, but the subject is a leaf.
    The plant is mullein, shown in this image from earlier this year.
    To the eye, the leaves look fuzzy or hairy. As you get closer, the fuzz becomes is a dense mat of “stars”.
    Here’s the mat not very close up, at F16 to show a lot of detail:
    Mullein mat
    Not very interesting as an image, in my opinion.
    I wanted to isolate the stars against a background – that’s the idea for the original post.
    I used a wide aperture (f2.8) and lots of magnification to isolate a few stars.
    The black and white conversion helps disguise it – the green color is a giveaway.

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