Frost crystals

Feathery ice crystals like these are the ones I love most:


They only form on cold nights, with temps from 5 to 12 degrees F. These were on a leaf in a shallow brook, just an inch or so deep. The black water was a welcome background. I think it looks like a butterfly!

15 thoughts on “Frost crystals

    • I think of trees, or feathers, or ferns. They are beautiful and ephemeral – once the sun hits them they are gone. Af few hours, then they vaporize. Thanks for commenting…

  1. Looking at it closely, I’m trying to work out what the crystals are on….probably a stick. Overall, this image has a beautiful abstract quality to it and, yes, I think it looks like a butterfly! Excellent photo, tom.

  2. Tom:

    Thanks for the comment on my blog – nice to know you too are still in the game and making fine images.

    Now that I know about your blog I’ll enjoy poking around and seeing what you’ve been up to.

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