A bunch of flowers

I’ve been exploring flowers this spring, more than the other subjects I like doing, and my posts here haven’t caught up with what I’ve been doing or seeing.
So here’s a bunch of flowers, a whole gallery of them. Click on a thumbnail to view a larger image.

Notes on the flowers follow the images.

Going from left to right and top to bottom, the flowers are:

Buttercup (Ranunculus sp) – a nodding bloom covered with rain drops.

Pale corydalis – related to bleeding hearts, I find this on rocky hilltops. The flowers are small, on long slender stems. I have no idea why they are called “pale” – the colors look vivid to me!

Bloodroot – an abstracted closeup of an early white wildflower.

Dandelion – a large, brightly colored bloom in a grassy meadow.

Tulip tree – an unusual-looking tree flower. I wish they weren’t all so high up!

Starflower – a tiny woodland flower; they carpet the forest floor in some places, accompanied by Canadian mayflower and sometimes pink ladyslipper.

Bluebells (Scilla hispanica) – an non-native wildflower I found in a meadow.

Bloodroot – another view of this white wildflower.

13 thoughts on “A bunch of flowers

    • It was fun putting together this group – I did it pretty quickly from a larger bunch. I had to stop to keep it from getting too large – thanks, as always, Jocelyne.

    • I’ve come to believe that the background can make or break an image – either negatively by being a distraction, or enhancing it through an appealing color or pattern. Thanks for the kind words, Anita 🙂

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