Least skipper

A little pond in my neighborhood is a reliable spot for these tiny butterflies. I find them in June, when the heat comes one, perched in the grasses by the pond:



7 thoughts on “Least skipper

  1. How beautiful this little creature is. And despite it’s being a symbol of such airy fragility it has the stance here of a warrior. Incredible color. There is nothing to match the activity of a pond, you’re very lucky to live near one.

    • There are a number of butterflies that are pretty pugnacious – they’ll fly right at you and flick wings at you. Least skippers don’t do that, but they are fun to watch through the viewfinder. They twirl their antennae in circles in opposite directions in a finny way. I need to start trying videos of that!

  2. Wonderful shot of this beautiful butterfly. The dewdrops on the grass blade are the icing on the cake, add extra interest and makes it stand out from the “normal” views.
    I also hope for warmer weather this week; butterflies have been rare on my local meadows so far this season.
    Best regards – Sandra

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