Dogbane beetle portrait

A favorite insect – they start to appear when dogbane starts to flower in summer. I have a dogbane patch near where I live, so I’ve kept an eye out for them:


Taken in low light, on a cloudy morning after a rain.

12 thoughts on “Dogbane beetle portrait

  1. You do portraits, it’s true. And they are fascinating, I know now how much color I miss seeing much less these science fiction heads and limbs. Wonderful, the Dogbane Beetle.

    • The colors are why I keep going back to find them. They are are even more interesting in a closeup view than they are to the naked eye. A view from above shows the colorful back better, but I like seeing the face – that’s the reason for calling this a portrait…

    • Thanks, Steve 🙂 “Portrait” does sound pretty hifalutin, but I like to try to capture the character of the bug. Dogbane beetles are couch potatoes – they just sit there. I was try to show this one slouching around.

  2. Tremendous photo. Insects have never really touched my heart, so much else does, maybe I can by-pass them, but I can certainly admire the quality of the shot.

  3. Lovely beetles… and lovely picture… if you ever need more of these beetles to photograph… come to my back yard. We have literally hundreds of them all over. My little boys are scared of them and are worried they bite. I reassure them that they don’t bite but they are kind of a pain when there are so many of them that they hit into you all the time. 😦

    • Thanks for the kind words. I bet your backyard beetles are Japanese beetles, and are common in yards. Dogbane beetles are only associated with the dogbane plant, which is possible, but unlikely in quantity in your yard.

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