Grass pink

A single bloom of this native orchid – too bad you have to slog through a bog to find them!


This is a multi-image stack, combined for extra depth of field

9 thoughts on “Grass pink

  1. The bog slog was worth it for all concerned. I can imagine your delight in discovering this
    in the middle of nowhere dark and woody, hidden from view.
    This is simply stunning, it’s like a living creature.
    Brilliant find, and thank you for adding so much to this day.

  2. Tom,

    Where the stem of the orchid joins merges with one of the upper petals of the orchid (near top center of your image), it looks like both edges of the stem are fuzzy. This is an undesirable but all-too-frequent occurrence with focus stacking. I get the same result with some of my focus-stacked images of closeups of flowers, but I am usually able to eliminate it with the Clone tool in Helicon Focus. Have you tried the Clone tool in your focus-stacking program in an attempt to deal with this artifact?

    • I did do a few stem fixups, but I for the more part, I ignored the stem and concentrated on the flower. I stacked manually, no software. I’ll probably redo this image – this was a trial so see if the image worked.

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