Grass pink (II)

A profile view of a long stem:



22 thoughts on “Grass pink (II)

  1. Beautiful flower and very good composition. I especially like how the stem appears nicely from the blurred foreground and the chosen size. Just my taste 🙂

      • Absolutely agree. “Cut stems” look very uncreative to me, just a pic of a flower. For me personally, looking for a perfect background and bottom foreground is even more important than the flower itself. If it does not fit perfectly, I won’t take the pic – however rare or beautiful the flower is 😉

  2. Hi Tom,

    I have only recently been a subscriber to your blog, and I am learning a lot by studying your exquisite images closely. Can you clarify what you mean by “cut stem images” in the above post?


    • Cut stem image: a flower image that isn’t grounded, that has a cut stem at the bottom of the frame. By grounded, I mean an image that literally shows the flower down to the ground, or one that gives an implied ground, like this one.

      A cut stem is OK, but not all of the time – it’s worth looking for a way to ground the image. The Daisy post ( cut stem works, I think – the flower is lower in the frame, and the background gives context.

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