A simple, commonplace flower, but when they are fresh and blooming in profusion I can’t take my eyes off them:


In this view I’m taking advantage of the way my lens renders the background flowers – all daisies.

18 thoughts on “Daisy

  1. This is lovely. And your background very beautiful with a quality of Monet’s
    My Shasta Daisies are really coming into their own and you’re right, it’s a great
    flower in all its range.

    • I did a number of takes to get different viewpoints on the background with the same foreground flower – it was cool to look for different background patterns and flows. Thanks, Steve!

    • Thank, Anita – this is an image I “saw” when I walked in the field of daisies. It took this particular lens, a lot of reframing, and tripod adjustment before I saw it in my viewfinder.

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