California oak

From the hills around Petaluma, north of San Francisco:


Continuing my tree theme from earlier this year. If only I’d had a more attractive sky…

10 thoughts on “California oak

  1. You’ve gotten a wonderful photograph of the species, and that great span of grassy foreground is splendid. It’s an amazingly beautiful tree, I’m surrounded by them. On private land people may put forked crutches under the low, extended branches which develop as big as the trunk only a few feet over ground level, to keep them from breaking. Much favored by napping and watching mountain lions.

  2. Nice shot of the oak. Regarding your bobcat photo, that’s very excellent shot. We don’t see too many of them, as they prefer to stay out-of-sight.

    Petaluma, that’s beautiful country around there. I was there two weeks ago with my daughters for a horse riding event.

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