Waconah creek, upper falls

A creek cascade in the Berkshires, Massachusetts:


The lower falls on this creek has a bigger drop, but I like the intricate water patterns in smaller cascades better than big vertical drops. I took advantage of passing clouds on a sunny day to get diffuse light.

12 thoughts on “Waconah creek, upper falls

  1. That’s a spectacular view, amazing shape to the water-carved rock like pleated fabric. I love the swirling waters at the left, and the falls and mists. You caught so much in this, such a variety of shape and action. Very beautiful place, must have been something to be there, hope you went in for a dunk.

    • The rock fissures and the way the water weaves through them are what I loved about this scene. The swirls in the water were a nice artifact of the long exposure I used, the mist as well. Thanks for the kind words!

    • The water patterns were the result of the long exposure. The swirls on the left were bubbles that look much better this way – the radiating lines another exposure artifact. Thanks!

  2. One of my favorite places, Tom. The tannic water always has a nice greenish brown tone to it. I haven’t been up there this year but your picture makes me want to go soon. Nice balance to the image and good use of the clouds.

    • Figures you’d know this spot! And I thought it wasn’t a frequently visited place.
      I want to go back, there was another upper cascade I didn’t photograph because the clouds didn’t cooperate. Thanks for the kind words…

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