Monochrome and complementary

I’ve done monochrome color images for a while, so I thought I’d put together a collection of them. This collection has pairs of color monochromes in complementary colors: orange/blue, red/green, and yellow/purple. Click a thumbnail to see a larger image.

The combinations work nicely on the wall as well – I’ve tried this in galleries and at home.

This group is half new, half previously posted. They are nearly monochrome – other colors do intrude (orange in the sumac, cyan in the spiderwort, and so on).


12 thoughts on “Monochrome and complementary

    • That’s the the way it is for me. I tend to think of each image individually. Then, in an exhibit earlier this year I started to think about contrasting colors in hanging pictures next to each other.

  1. It’s amazing how beautiful these images are ! So much details go unnoticed in our everyday life. The spiderwort filaments is superb !

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